Alex's Ultimate Holiday Dinner Menu

A contemporary twist on the traditional American Thanksgiving or Christmas feast.
Cuisine American Thanksgiving, Christmas

Dishes and Components

Hors d'Oeuvres

Side/Vegetable Dishes


  • Dry Aged Bone-In Standing Rib or Rump Roast (Thinly Sliced in the Style of Dario Cecchini's Carpaccio di Culo )
  • Crispy Smoked Heritage Turkey
  • Dan Barber's Pork Belly with Persimmon Chutney
  • Cotechino with Pear Mostarda



Batch and Punch Bowl Cocktails


  • Frankfurter Mispelchen (2 cl Calvados Apple Brandy with a Preserved Loquat, or Mispel, on a Toothpick with a Splash of its Juice)

Alternatives/Highlights from Prior Years